Demi Lovato Music Cover- Tutorial

Hey everyone, A few weeks ago in class we did a music video cover makeup look.
I choose to do Demi Lovato’s music cover ‘Heart Attack’, a song which I personally LOVE!
I love Demi Lovato and her music cover was very different, it really stands out, and just looks so alternative and cool!

This is the look I tried to recreate.



These are the steps I used to create this look:

1.I put on my foundation using MAC studio fix NC15 and contoured her cheeks with my Bobbi Brown matte bronzer.

2. I then got my MAC smoulder kohl pencil and coloured in my model’s whole eye lid, it may be all jagged and not even but this is ok!


3.I got my MAC 217 blending brush and blended in all the black on her eyelid.

4.I then put mascara on her eyelashes to finish off her eyes and put MAC carbon eyeshadow through her eyebrows to make them darker, as the music cover photo is all very dark features.

5. I got my MAC smoulder eye pencil again and coloured in her lips with it, again because the photo has all dark features and black lips.

6. I then got silver Supra colour paint and patted it lightly on the centre of her lips, to give the shine effect.

7. I then got the silver and black Supra colour paint and mixed them together and ran my fingers on her forehead up towards her hair line and put it all down her hands.

8. I finally got black gel eyeliner, any will do, I used the LA Creative liner and drew on her tattoo’s on her arm as the finishing

And that is how I created the Heart Attack look 🙂



I hope that helped guys. Please comment below if you have any requests for any other looks you’d like me to do. Thanks everyone!

Cliodhna x



Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara review

Hey everyone!
So today I’m going to do a review on the Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes’ mascara.

I recently bought it, and thought it was a great purchase because I had a look at the mascara wand first.
As you can see from the picture above the head of the wand is very thick and big which means fuller and more volumized lashes!

As you can see they don’t make much of a difference! The wand is supposed to make your lashes look bigger and fuller but in my opinion it is the same as any other cheap mascara. As I paid €10.50 for it so was expecting great results!

The one thing that I would say about this mascara is after a few hours underneath my eyes are covered in tiny black crumbly bits from the mascara, so bits of the mascara has fallen from my lashes underneath my eyes.

This is the main reason why I would not recommend this mascara to anyone! You wouldn’t realise it until you look in a mirror, making you look like you have panda eyes. I would rate this mascara 2/10.

If I was to recommend any mascara it would have to be NYC Big Bold mascara. I think it is amazing! A must buy!
Review will be posted about that mascara soon!


Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I helped 🙂

Cliodhna x

MAC Soft and Gentle review

Hi guys, so today I have decided to write a review on MAC soft and gentle mineralize skin finish powder. Image

I recently bought it because we were using it so much in college that I just HAD to get it!
It is definitely a must have in my make up kit!  Using a little goes a long way remember that! I dust my brush over it before applying some to my face and it is plenty! You really will have this for years! There is so much in the product and you only need to use a little! So splurge out on that €28 because it will last you a long time!

I personally love any sort of shimmer makeup products! Shimmer blushes, eyeshadows you name it I have it! So when I got soft and gentle I instantly fell in love! It leaves a gorgeous shimmery shine to your face but nothing too heavy or strong so it only catches the shine in the light leaving you looking glowing and gorgeous! You can apply it above the cheekbones , down ridge of your nose, and on your cupids bow on your lip to make it really stand out.Image

That is my personal thoughts on the product! If anyone has any questions please comment below! Thanks everyone 🙂
Cliodhna x

Miley Cyrus Make Up Mistake

Miley Cyrus was voted no.1 in Maxim Hot 100 last night. 
For a woman who is the hottest girl in the world, according to Maxim readers anyway she cannot do her makeup! The singer and actress had a big white powder line across her mouth while posing on the red carpet. 
Either herself or her make up artist went a bit crazy and too heavy with the powder, remember guys always blend in!!
You don’t want to make a mistake like this on a night out!