Vice 2 review

Hey everyone! I have been working in Urban Decay for a couple of months now and have fallen in love with nearly all of there makeup!
Especially all the eyeshadow palettes! One of my favourites at the moment is the Vice 2.

It is the Christmas limited edition palette. I had to grab one as soon as it hit the shelves because it is such an amazing palette!
You have every colour you could possibly need here!
I would recommend it to anyone for a gift for a daughter, girlfriend, niece or maybe just to spoil yourself!
It may sound a bit pricey at €47, but it was definitely worth it! This palette will last you forever and you have such a wide variety of colours to chose from here aswell!

People seem to stray towards the naked palettes very often because they have your browns and golds.
But with this palette not only do you have your browns, highlight colours and gold but you have much more adventeurous colours to play with!
Some of the colours have glitter in them giving your eye a gorgeous sparkle to it, which is amazing!
My three favourite colours are Dope (highlight), Betrayal (purple) and Voodoo (purple glitter).
They are also very pigmented and stay on all day long! Shellshock (silver) is brilliant for putting in your tearduct to give a pop of colour to your eyes. You also get a double ended brush with it, one side is flat and the other is a crease brush to help blend out the colours.

First Row: Smokeout/ Lovesick/ Shellshock/ Coax/ X-Rated

Second Row: Prank/ Madness/ Strike/ Stash/ Poision

Third Row: Radar/ Damaged/ Voodoo/ Betrayal/ Derailed


Fourth Row: Dope/ Toxic/ Habit/ Ambush/ Rewind


Those are the swatches of all the colours! Beautiful browns to gorgeous metallic’s and vibrant green,blues and purples not to mention the subtle peach and pink tones!
You have every colour you could ask for in this palette, shimmer, matte and glitter!

It is a must-have ladies! Put one of these on your Christmas list!
You can purchase one online here
Or call in to your nearest debenhams store to pick one up!


Benefit They’re Real! Review


So I have been contemplating a lot to whether I should buy Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara.
I have been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about it, but I eventually decided to bite the bullet and try it out for myself I was shocked at how expensive it was, €26 is quite pricey for my liking. 
I bought it about a month ago now, and have been using it almost every day. 

My overall thoughts on the product:

  • It’s not my favourite mascara of all time, but I don’t hate it as it really lengthens my lashes which make my eyes look bigger.
  • It lengthens my lashes but does not give them volume! ( Yes there is a difference!) Which has to do with the wand.
  • The wand has plastic bristles on it which help separate the lashes evenly leaving no clumps, but they do leave a lot of excess product at the tip of the wand making you wipe it all at the top of the mascara tube, wasting product!
  • The product is very wet, so it takes a while to dry while results in a lot of smudging.
  • I always put mascara on my fake eyelashes when I have applied them to my lashline, make them look more real, but when putting the mascara on them it makes them look like I have used an eyelash curler, making them really stand up giving me very big fish eyes. So i would not use it on fake lashes ever




As you can see on the right the lashes are really lenghtened making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

If you have product review requests leave a comment below 🙂

Cliodhna x

Debs Season

Hey guys. I haven’t blogged much this summer because I’ve been so busy with all the debs girls! But I thought I would write a post about my favourite debs looks I did and tell you what products I used.


These are the products I used for my client’s natural look.

Eyes: Orb on lid, and Handwritten and Carbon blended in to the crease, all MAC.
La Creative black gel liner, and Dior mascara. (Eyelashes were my client’s own, so I’m not sure what make it was!)

Eyebrows: Chocolate brown and black eyeshadows from the LA Creative palette.

Face: MAC NC25 studio fix foundation, La Creative bronzer and coral blusher and MAC soft and gentle to highlight above the cheeks and down the arch of the nose and La Creative translucent powder.

Lips: PeachBlossom lipstick from MAC.


Another client’s makeup, she wanted a soft brown and gold eye with red lips.

Eyes: ‘All that glitter’ on lid and highlighting the inner eye, Handwritten in the crease all MAC with La Creative mascara and black gel liner.
Eyelashes are the Girls Aloud brand, by Kimberly.

Eyebrows: Chocolate brown and black colours from the La Creative eyeshadow palette.

Face: MAC NC20 studio fix foundation, La Creative bronzer, coral blusher and translucent powder.

Lips: Russian Red, MAC limited edition lipstick.


Brown smokey eye on a client. (This is actually an 18th I did but I thought she looked stunning so I’ll put this in here 🙂 )

Eyes: Cork on lid, Handwritten and Carbon blended in to the crease all MAC, Inglot highlighting eyeshadow in the inner eye and La Creative mascara and black gel liner.
Eyelashes are Girls Aloud brand by Kimberly.

Eyebrows: Chocolate brown and black colours from La Creative eyeshadow palette.

Face: Make Up Forever HD foundation, La Creative bronzer, coral blusher and translucent powder.

Lips: Staunchy Stylish lip liner and Shy Girl lipstick all MAC.


Soft gold and brown eyes with a red lip on another client.

Eyes: ‘All that glitters’ on the lid and in the inner eye and Handwritten in the crease all MAC, La Creative mascara and black gel liner.
Eyelashes are from Salon Services.

Eyebrows: Light brown and chocolate brown colours from the La Creative eyeshadow palette.

Face: La Creative linen and almond foundation and La Creative bronzer, coral blusher and translucent powder.

Lips: Kiss me quick lip liner and Ruby Woo lipstick all MAC.


A vintage look on my client for the debs.

Eyes: Orb on the lid with Handwritten blended in to the crease, La Creative mascara and black gel liner.

Eyebrow: Light brown and chocolate brown colours from the La creative eyeshadow palette.

Face: MAC NC25 studio fix foundation, Bobbi Brown bronzer in shade Medium, La Creative coral blusher and translucent powder.

Lips: Kiss me quick lip liner and Ruby Woo lipstick.

I hope that helped guys and I hope you liked some of the looks!
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Thanks guys 🙂 x

Make Up Tips

Hey guys, so I’m going to give you a few useful make up tips and tricks!
Most of you guys may already know these but hopefully some of you guys might find them helpful! 🙂

1.Mascara dipping – When your applying mascara to your eyelashes make sure when you put your mascara wand in to the mascara tube you move the wand in circular motions instead of up and down. As putting the wand in and out will dry out your mascara and it won’t last you as long as it should!

2. Defining your eyebrows – When your doing your eyebrows after you apply your eyeshadow to your brows, if you get your concealor and put it underneath your eyebrows it will make them stand out more and look much more defined! Just remember to blend out the concealor so there are no harsh lines!

3. Contouring – When contouring (putting on bronzer) do not apply bronzer all over your face! This is a big no no!
You should get your bronzing brush and apply your bronzer on your cheekbones and up towards your temples in a ‘C’ motion.
You can also put it underneath your jaw line to make it look more strong and defined and at the two point of your forehead that stick out a little bit. And if your like down the two sides of your nose NOT in the middle! To make your nose look longer.

4. Cleaning brushes – Remeber guys always always always clean your makeup brushes after every use! Using brush cleaner! I usually use the MAC brush cleaner OR Cinema secrets brush cleaner which is slightly more expensive but it gets more off your brush using less cleaner! Or of course baby shampoo once every two weeks.

Lip brushes are the hardest to get clean so I clean mine with my make up eye remover, as it works much better with this type of brush! Do not use it on your other brushes just your lip brush! I use an gel based cucumber remover which I got in Boots pharmacy.
images (1)

5. Thicken up your eyelashes – A handy trick for giving the illusion that you have fuller and thicker lashes, is to get black eyeshadow and apply it to your lash line on your eyelid using an angle brush. Which will make the root of your lashes look fuller!

You can also use the same technique instead of applying that dreaded gel liner or a kohl pencil. It is easier, quicker, and less hassle with a similar result!

Sharp lines– If you want to get sharp lines with your eyeshadow the trick is to put a little bit of Selotape in an upward direction on the outer corner of your eye and apply your makeup as usual.
Tear off the Sellotape when your done and slightly soften the line with a pencil brush. Depending on how sharp you want your line, soften it as little or as much to your liking!
You can also apply gel liner on your lash line on your lid and continue it upward meeting the sharp line you have created.
images (2)

Remember to add more foundation on the patch of skin that you peeled the Sellotape off as it may have taken most of your foundation off!

I hope you guys find these tips helpful!

Miss Bandon 2013

I recently was key make up artist for the Miss Bandon contest in County Cork.
Which was loads of fun and a great experience for me!
There were 12 contestants, a lot of makeup to do!
I had a makeup assistant with me to help me out with the girls, who also happened to be a really good friend of mine.


I arrived with Christine in to Wayne Llyod hairdressers at 10am to begin the day of doing up the girls.
The girls got their hair styled by professionals in the hairdressers and came to myself and Christine after for make up.
I tried to match their eyeshadow to the colour of their dresses.
Giving most girls a brown, a coral and a gold smokey eye.
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(one of the girls I did makeup on for the show, excuse the bad quality of the photo.)

The final was held in Munster Arms hotel in Bandon.
It started at 8pm, I was there much earlier to top up the girls makeup.
They all looked stunning in their dresses.

The show ended at 12pm.
It was a very long day. But it was such a great experience and I’d love to do it again!

A big congratulations to the winner of Miss Bandon 2013 to Donna McCarthy.

(This is the makeup I did on Donna for the show.)

Thanks for reading everyone, more tutorials and product reviews to come soon!

Cliodhna x

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Review

Everyone has a favourite bronzer.
One that you have had for years, that you can’t do your own makeup without, and personally a bronzer that you always have at the bottom of your handbag.

My favourite bronzer would have to be Bobbi Brown matte bronzer. I use the shade Medium, as it suits my skin tone.
Everyone’s skin is different so it is a matter if finding a shade that suits you best! This bronzer is a must have!
I absolutely love it. I have had it for 6 years and it never seems to fail me!


It costs around €33, which is quite expensive, but it will last you so long!

It is a matte bronzer, instead of a shimmer one so it gives you a really natural sun kissed look.
It looks so natural and gives a lovely warm effect in your skin.


It comes in a compact, with a mirror so you can use it when your too busy to sit sit down and apply your full makeup and keep it in your handbag when your on the go!
Just by adding a little bit to your cheeks using a blusher or bronzer brush when your in a rush and giving your eyelashes a quick coat of mascara can make such a difference! Giving you a gorgeous flawless natural summer look.

I would recommend this bronzer to anyone! I have tested out other bronzers but nothing compares to this Bobbi brown bronzer!

I hope I helped anyone in the search of a perfect bronzer! But definitely try this one out guys!


Cliodhna x

Marilyn Monroe Make Up Tutorial

Hey everyone, so I recently did a photo shoot and did a Marilyn Monroe make up look on my model. I personally think a red lip and black liner will never go out of fashion so I will give you a step by step tutorial on how to create the famous look!



1. Put your foundation on and lightly contour your cheekbones using any matte bronzer.

2. Colour in your eyebrows using any matte eye shadow, suiting your hair colour, elongating them in a downward direction (if you want the full Marilyn Monroe look!)

3.Get a white kohl eyeliner and colour in your eyelids, don’t worry if it’s all messy and jagged! I use MAC Fascinating white kohl eyeliner.

4. Buff the eyeliner on lids with a pencil brush, and pat on white eyeshadow on top of it to make it really white!

5. Get a matte brown eyeshadow and blend on top of white eyeshadow on your eyebrow bone over your eye socket, using a blending brush. (I use a MAC 217 blending brush and MAC Handwritten brown eyeshadow) Blend the brown forward and back until soft and blended properly.

6. Using a small liner brush put a line of black gel eyeliner over lash line of your lid and slightly flick it outwards and coat your eyelashes with mascara and put white eyeliner in your waterline.

7. Using a small liner brush again, put a small dot on your cheek using brown eyeshadow.

8. Get your angle brush and put a flick of matte brown eye shadow underneath your bottom lashes at the corner of each eye to give the effect of a shadow from your lashes. Monroe was famous for this technique!

9.Finally get your lipstick and put it on your lips. Don’t go for a dark red as Monroe didn’t have vibrant red lips, it was more of a deep red.
MAC do a Marilyn Monroe collection and they have a red lipstick exactly the same colour as hers.

If you want to make the look more dramatic you could add a few individual eyelashes as well! Thanks for reading guys 🙂 This is the picture of the look I did on my model!



Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara review

Hey everyone!
So today I’m going to do a review on the Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes’ mascara.

I recently bought it, and thought it was a great purchase because I had a look at the mascara wand first.
As you can see from the picture above the head of the wand is very thick and big which means fuller and more volumized lashes!

As you can see they don’t make much of a difference! The wand is supposed to make your lashes look bigger and fuller but in my opinion it is the same as any other cheap mascara. As I paid €10.50 for it so was expecting great results!

The one thing that I would say about this mascara is after a few hours underneath my eyes are covered in tiny black crumbly bits from the mascara, so bits of the mascara has fallen from my lashes underneath my eyes.

This is the main reason why I would not recommend this mascara to anyone! You wouldn’t realise it until you look in a mirror, making you look like you have panda eyes. I would rate this mascara 2/10.

If I was to recommend any mascara it would have to be NYC Big Bold mascara. I think it is amazing! A must buy!
Review will be posted about that mascara soon!


Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I helped 🙂

Cliodhna x

MAC Soft and Gentle review

Hi guys, so today I have decided to write a review on MAC soft and gentle mineralize skin finish powder. Image

I recently bought it because we were using it so much in college that I just HAD to get it!
It is definitely a must have in my make up kit!  Using a little goes a long way remember that! I dust my brush over it before applying some to my face and it is plenty! You really will have this for years! There is so much in the product and you only need to use a little! So splurge out on that €28 because it will last you a long time!

I personally love any sort of shimmer makeup products! Shimmer blushes, eyeshadows you name it I have it! So when I got soft and gentle I instantly fell in love! It leaves a gorgeous shimmery shine to your face but nothing too heavy or strong so it only catches the shine in the light leaving you looking glowing and gorgeous! You can apply it above the cheekbones , down ridge of your nose, and on your cupids bow on your lip to make it really stand out.Image

That is my personal thoughts on the product! If anyone has any questions please comment below! Thanks everyone 🙂
Cliodhna x

Miley Cyrus Make Up Mistake

Miley Cyrus was voted no.1 in Maxim Hot 100 last night. 
For a woman who is the hottest girl in the world, according to Maxim readers anyway she cannot do her makeup! The singer and actress had a big white powder line across her mouth while posing on the red carpet. 
Either herself or her make up artist went a bit crazy and too heavy with the powder, remember guys always blend in!!
You don’t want to make a mistake like this on a night out!