Make Up Tips

Hey guys, so I’m going to give you a few useful make up tips and tricks!
Most of you guys may already know these but hopefully some of you guys might find them helpful! 🙂

1.Mascara dipping – When your applying mascara to your eyelashes make sure when you put your mascara wand in to the mascara tube you move the wand in circular motions instead of up and down. As putting the wand in and out will dry out your mascara and it won’t last you as long as it should!

2. Defining your eyebrows – When your doing your eyebrows after you apply your eyeshadow to your brows, if you get your concealor and put it underneath your eyebrows it will make them stand out more and look much more defined! Just remember to blend out the concealor so there are no harsh lines!

3. Contouring – When contouring (putting on bronzer) do not apply bronzer all over your face! This is a big no no!
You should get your bronzing brush and apply your bronzer on your cheekbones and up towards your temples in a ‘C’ motion.
You can also put it underneath your jaw line to make it look more strong and defined and at the two point of your forehead that stick out a little bit. And if your like down the two sides of your nose NOT in the middle! To make your nose look longer.

4. Cleaning brushes – Remeber guys always always always clean your makeup brushes after every use! Using brush cleaner! I usually use the MAC brush cleaner OR Cinema secrets brush cleaner which is slightly more expensive but it gets more off your brush using less cleaner! Or of course baby shampoo once every two weeks.

Lip brushes are the hardest to get clean so I clean mine with my make up eye remover, as it works much better with this type of brush! Do not use it on your other brushes just your lip brush! I use an gel based cucumber remover which I got in Boots pharmacy.
images (1)

5. Thicken up your eyelashes – A handy trick for giving the illusion that you have fuller and thicker lashes, is to get black eyeshadow and apply it to your lash line on your eyelid using an angle brush. Which will make the root of your lashes look fuller!

You can also use the same technique instead of applying that dreaded gel liner or a kohl pencil. It is easier, quicker, and less hassle with a similar result!

Sharp lines– If you want to get sharp lines with your eyeshadow the trick is to put a little bit of Selotape in an upward direction on the outer corner of your eye and apply your makeup as usual.
Tear off the Sellotape when your done and slightly soften the line with a pencil brush. Depending on how sharp you want your line, soften it as little or as much to your liking!
You can also apply gel liner on your lash line on your lid and continue it upward meeting the sharp line you have created.
images (2)

Remember to add more foundation on the patch of skin that you peeled the Sellotape off as it may have taken most of your foundation off!

I hope you guys find these tips helpful!