Marilyn Monroe Make Up Tutorial

Hey everyone, so I recently did a photo shoot and did a Marilyn Monroe make up look on my model. I personally think a red lip and black liner will never go out of fashion so I will give you a step by step tutorial on how to create the famous look!



1. Put your foundation on and lightly contour your cheekbones using any matte bronzer.

2. Colour in your eyebrows using any matte eye shadow, suiting your hair colour, elongating them in a downward direction (if you want the full Marilyn Monroe look!)

3.Get a white kohl eyeliner and colour in your eyelids, don’t worry if it’s all messy and jagged! I use MAC Fascinating white kohl eyeliner.

4. Buff the eyeliner on lids with a pencil brush, and pat on white eyeshadow on top of it to make it really white!

5. Get a matte brown eyeshadow and blend on top of white eyeshadow on your eyebrow bone over your eye socket, using a blending brush. (I use a MAC 217 blending brush and MAC Handwritten brown eyeshadow) Blend the brown forward and back until soft and blended properly.

6. Using a small liner brush put a line of black gel eyeliner over lash line of your lid and slightly flick it outwards and coat your eyelashes with mascara and put white eyeliner in your waterline.

7. Using a small liner brush again, put a small dot on your cheek using brown eyeshadow.

8. Get your angle brush and put a flick of matte brown eye shadow underneath your bottom lashes at the corner of each eye to give the effect of a shadow from your lashes. Monroe was famous for this technique!

9.Finally get your lipstick and put it on your lips. Don’t go for a dark red as Monroe didn’t have vibrant red lips, it was more of a deep red.
MAC do a Marilyn Monroe collection and they have a red lipstick exactly the same colour as hers.

If you want to make the look more dramatic you could add a few individual eyelashes as well! Thanks for reading guys 🙂 This is the picture of the look I did on my model!




Demi Lovato Music Cover- Tutorial

Hey everyone, A few weeks ago in class we did a music video cover makeup look.
I choose to do Demi Lovato’s music cover ‘Heart Attack’, a song which I personally LOVE!
I love Demi Lovato and her music cover was very different, it really stands out, and just looks so alternative and cool!

This is the look I tried to recreate.



These are the steps I used to create this look:

1.I put on my foundation using MAC studio fix NC15 and contoured her cheeks with my Bobbi Brown matte bronzer.

2. I then got my MAC smoulder kohl pencil and coloured in my model’s whole eye lid, it may be all jagged and not even but this is ok!


3.I got my MAC 217 blending brush and blended in all the black on her eyelid.

4.I then put mascara on her eyelashes to finish off her eyes and put MAC carbon eyeshadow through her eyebrows to make them darker, as the music cover photo is all very dark features.

5. I got my MAC smoulder eye pencil again and coloured in her lips with it, again because the photo has all dark features and black lips.

6. I then got silver Supra colour paint and patted it lightly on the centre of her lips, to give the shine effect.

7. I then got the silver and black Supra colour paint and mixed them together and ran my fingers on her forehead up towards her hair line and put it all down her hands.

8. I finally got black gel eyeliner, any will do, I used the LA Creative liner and drew on her tattoo’s on her arm as the finishing

And that is how I created the Heart Attack look 🙂



I hope that helped guys. Please comment below if you have any requests for any other looks you’d like me to do. Thanks everyone!

Cliodhna x